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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Friendly matches

The value and the marketability of an exchange through football have been recognized and are being held actively throughout the world. Among them, a friendly match has been considered as the most important factor and a variety of things can…

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KENYA: Satellite Tracking System Puts Africa On Map of Space-Based Climate Surveillance

Kenya has made a remarkable move of deploying¬† its first ever satellite¬†tracking system. Thanks to a new satellite tracking system based in Kenya, eastern and southern African states have joined the growing ranks of countries tracking extreme weather and climate…

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Here’s A Look At The Finger-Vein Scanner Barclays Is Going To Use On Its Customers

Barclays Bank in the U.K. will begin using a finger vein scanner to identify its customers. The move comes after a wave of hacks on financial institutions that have demonstrated how feeble password and PIN protections have become. The bank…

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Fish Farming

INTRODUCTION What is fish farming? Fish farming is the raising of fish for personal use or profit. It is sometimes called fish culture. Why do we raise fish? By raising fish we make better use of our land and our…

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