A Helping Heart

In as much as people think Nursing is all about giving oral drugs and injections ( medication) in a more appropriate way than they would, there’s more to it than just hands on, its an art and a science which aims at professional excellence ,improving compassionate, holistic,comprehensive,culturally,spiritually and socially sensitive care to clients under the scope of nursing practise. I personally find it both spiritual and physical because it’s the spiritual that manifests into the physical and that is what makes me so passionate about it. To begin with a nurse embraces compassion,empathy etc which are not taught but come from ones inner being.

Nursing is dynamic and knowledge on its own attained from which ever school cannot make you the best nurse there is but God because he is above everything ,the ultimate healer,giver of life,comforter etc and I as a nurse am only a but a vessel reaching out to people, so I find my work a lot more easier when I make Jesus the centre of it all because I know my ability is not of me but of GOD,come to think of it no one wakes up in the morning and plans on the number of clients he or she is going to attend to and the kind of nursing interventions he or she will implement.

Being an infant in the proffesion,I have worked from minimum to maximum pressure nursing different walks of life ,religious beliefs,values and practises,gender etc and I have managed to respond to their need for care respecting the uniqueness of each client so it is vital to come to the realisation that we are able to do all things when we allow God to take the wheel.

On the other hand it is also very important to acknowledge those that are higher than us were we are limited so as to regularly maintain and update our knowledge and skill just like it is also vital for any Christian to have a spiritual father (Romans 10:14) when a child remains under the umbrella of his or her mentor,he or she will not succumb to failure.

So as we uphold the standards of Nursing let us also remain Loyal to God.


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