How to Change Your Mind

A friend of mine recently told me a story I thought you’d like to hear…

Growing up, a certain family didn’t have much money, but the mother LOVED to window shop (look in the windows at stores) and imagine buying the lovely things she saw.

However, she always felt guilty… “We’ll never afford these things, so why bother looking?” she often told her son.

A lot of how we are today comes from patterns of thought we learned from our parents when we were young.

And if we heard that we’re the kind of people who don’t have/can’t do X, we naturally believe it.

But, as the son of this woman grew, he began to open his mind to what could be possible if he changed what he believed.

One day, as a young man, he decided that even though he didn’t have much money, he’d enter the most expensive hotel in town.

He couldn’t yet afford a room, but he could afford a coffee in the hotel’s fancy cafe.

The coffee itself wasn’t important, but by sitting there, the young man told his mind, “I AM the kind of person who can be in one of the nicest hotels in the world, and that I DO deserve the best.”

All of a sudden, he became someone who could recommend the coffee at an expensive hotel, and he felt wealthier.

Later, he took this a step further and told the front desk staff that he was interested in seeing one of the rooms.

He told the staff that he would have many clients coming to visit him, so he was looking for potential hotels. Of course, he didn’t yet have anyone coming to see him, but he could feel he would in his future.

(It’s a pretty common thing for hotels to show rooms to people for reasons like this.)

When he was finally standing in the elegant room people usually spend over $1000 a night for, he again told his mind that he was the kind of person who could be in an expensive hotel room.

Today, this man IS wealthy, and travels the world.

He also sends LOTS of clients to expensive hotels.

But he began by changing his mind.

Once you know something is possible, your mind has a way of making it a reality… Just like believing the opposite guarantees something will NOT happen.

Right now, YOU can do the same thing with your learning…

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