KENYA: Satellite Tracking System Puts Africa On Map of Space-Based Climate Surveillance

Kenya has made a remarkable move of deploying  its first ever satellite tracking system. Thanks to a new satellite tracking system based in Kenya, eastern and southern African states have joined the growing ranks of countries tracking extreme weather and climate change impacts from space. The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) in […]

Here’s A Look At The Finger-Vein Scanner Barclays Is Going To Use On Its Customers

Barclays Bank in the U.K. will begin using a finger vein scanner to identify its customers. The move comes after a wave of hacks on financial institutions that have demonstrated how feeble password and PIN protections have become. The bank will send the small portable device to its customers who want to do their banking […]

Mocking Your Sins: Indigenous Laughter as Healing

Originally posted on Bluestockings Magazine :
Retail “Tribal Print” Crop-Tops I remember looking out the window of my mother’s car as she drove me home after school. I remember seeing a bumper sticker that read, “I was Indian before it was cool,” on a curiously pristine 1982 black Datsun with the tacky neon decal scribbles on…

Dress Coded: An Education on (unnecessary) Sexualization

Originally posted on Sophieologie:
When one Illinois middle school cluelessly decided to ban leggings & yoga pants because they were “distracting to the boys”, they probably didn’t have any idea it would be the catalyst to a national conversation about dress codes in school. I mean, dress codes are like, so un-controversial. Until now. Take Our Poll Now,…

ExchangeTransport Rules

Understanding How Transport Rules Are Applied Exchange 2010 Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 SP3, Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Topic Last Modified: 2010-01-25 In Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, transport rules allow you to apply messaging policies to messages in the transport pipeline. Actions such as redirecting a message or adding recipients, rights-protecting messages, and rejecting or silently […]

Create a Public Folder Mailbox

Create a Public Folder Mailbox Applies to: Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Online Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-14 Before you can create a public folder, you must first create a public folder mailbox. Public folder mailboxes contain the hierarchy information plus the content for public folders. The first public folder mailbox you create will be the primary […]