Mindset Types

Mindset Part 2 In the previous chapter we did talk about mindset and that it’s a very important aspect of human being .Everyone in life has gone through some disheartening moments in their livelihood. Some are still experiencing some atrocious and despicable experiences. Perhaps that’s what the world cannot offer is total guarantee that things […]


Mindsets Part 1 The quest to success in the life of the person is constantly looking at ways to make it in life, be better than others, do better in business, graduate top of the class, improve relationships and we can have an endless list. There are series of books written about how to be […]

The risks of cloud data loss prevention

Cloud data loss prevention offers many advantages to enterprises today, but it is not without challenges. Expert Rob Shapland discusses the issues to be aware of. Data loss prevention is a hot topic in the enterprise. Although it has been around for a number years, many organizations are only now approaching the security program maturity […]

How to deploy an “classic” terminal server with Windows 2012

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Since Windows 2008 the “oldschool” and well known 2003 terminal services are extended on rich web services which provides now great new capabilities in designing and deploying built in terminal server services based on HTTP/HTTPS. in combination with RD Gateway the applications can also be…

How college kids helped divest $50 billion from fossil fuels

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This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com. By Victor Luckerson Environmentalists hope Monday will come to be viewed as an “economic tipping point” in the battle against climate change. More than 700 investors pledged to divest their holdings from fossil fuel companies, just…

KENYA: Satellite Tracking System Puts Africa On Map of Space-Based Climate Surveillance

Kenya has made a remarkable move of deploying  its first ever satellite tracking system. Thanks to a new satellite tracking system based in Kenya, eastern and southern African states have joined the growing ranks of countries tracking extreme weather and climate change impacts from space. The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) in […]

Here’s A Look At The Finger-Vein Scanner Barclays Is Going To Use On Its Customers

Barclays Bank in the U.K. will begin using a finger vein scanner to identify its customers. The move comes after a wave of hacks on financial institutions that have demonstrated how feeble password and PIN protections have become. The bank will send the small portable device to its customers who want to do their banking […]